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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  May 18, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. right now police in fairfax are still searching for the men who broke into a centerville mansion killing one person. the homeowners are mourning the loss of a family friend. new concern this morning that oil from that massive spill in the gulf has been found in the florida keys. this comes as bp works on a plan to stop the leaking oil completely. and a montgomery county high school stunt is suffering from tuberculosis. news 4 midday begins right now. good morning, everyone and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison.
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it's tuesday, may 18, 2010. two killers are still on the loose nearly a day after they shot a man outside of a home in centralvil centerville. the men were trying to break into home to when the victim confronted them. tracee wilkins has the latest. >> reporter: this morning we spoke with the mother and wife who was inside that home at the time of this attack. she was very upset. she was not ready to go on cram. she told me she has never seen anything like this in her life and she's 52 years old. she went on to say the victim in this incident who was not identified by police were close to her. two gunmen are on there's after a home invasion turned murder in centerville. it happened around 10:45 yesterday morning. >> a family home. there was another individual. this individual and some of the family members and the suspects got into an altercation and
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during that altercation this other acquaintance was shot and then the apparent robbers fled. >> reporter: that acquaintance later died in the driveway. real estate records indicate the owners home owns a nearby shopping center. >> he's a very nice guy. yes. i know him. i know his son. they are very nice people. >> reporter: back at the scene police used k-9s and other resource but they were not found. people who live in the neighborhood say they are now on alert. >> a detective has been to every house in this whole neighborhood of who saw what when and where. i don't think anybody knows, whether it was on foot or in a car or anything. but, you know, it moved very fast. and scary thing.
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>> reporter: police say family was only able to offer a vague description. they are asking anyone with information to contact them. i'm tracee wilkins in centerville, news 4. three area schools were placed in secure the building mode yesterday for a short time while police searched for the gunman. the widow of robert wone is expected to testify in the trial of three men accused of covering up his murder. a prominent lawyer his body was found in a town allows back in 2006. the three men plant ad knife to throw off police. investigators say the real knife used to kill wone came from a set that belonged to ward. ward's attorney said that's impossible because the knife set in question was in seattle the whole time. today some students and teachers in montgomery county will learn that they need to be tested tore tuberculoss.
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that after a student was diagnosed with that disease. the health department is getting involved. news 4 megan mcgrath joins from us the montgomery county health department with more now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that student was diagnosed with tuber crunch tuberculosis. now health officials want to emphasize it's very difficult to contract this disease. you have to have prolonged exposure who someone who is infected, eight hours over the course of a month in toward get enough bacteria yourself so you would test positive. but as a precaution what they are doing even though they say the visk very low, they will test about 2 sthunts who came into closer contact their
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classmate who has tb. two letters have intelligent tout kennedy high school stunt, 2001 the classmates who have been in regular contact with the infected student, another more general letter to everyone else in the school. it was last month that a student at kennedy high was diagnosed with tb. that student is being treated and has not been in school since being diagnosed. as a precaution, the county health department will test roughly 200 students. health officials stress that the chance of being infected in a classroom setting is very small and even if exposed it would take years for the bacteria to develop into an active infection. >> very slow growing -- it takes months just for your tb test to convert to positive and then years to develop active tb. so, there's no public health threat at the school at this time. the infected patient has been
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removed from the school and we're conducting what i would consider a routine tb investigation. >> reporter: and there was a bit of a delay in notifying students and staff members of the situation. the letters were sent in the mail yesterday. so student should be getting them either today or tomorrow. health officials say that does not make a difference because again they point out tb is a very slow grower. it takes a long time to become a full blown active case that would cause health problems to that individual. they say they will be testing the kids, anyone who tests positive will be given antibiotics so they will knock it out before it becomes a problem. we'll take a look outside. we got a dreary day with rain falling around the area. tom kierein is here with the forecast. looks like this will be around? >> not dreary, it's gloomy. >> which would you rather have? >> or dismal if you prefer. we have low clouds that have been producing a dismal drizzle
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and light rain all morning long. that steady rain is moving off to the north and east of washington. and now right now near baltimore and eastern shore they are getting that steadier shore. a little bit of drizzle. low clouds in place. we have some cool temperatures right now 56 in washington. and it's only climbed a couple of degrees since dawn and it's generally in the mid-50s all around the region now under this cloud cover and out in the mountains there are a few breaks in the clouds. getting a little sunshine there, higher elevations. on the eastern shore they've had some rain this morning, low clouds come through and it's in the upper 50s there. all of this coming from circulating low pressure the center of which is over ohio and sort of passing off to the east and it's drawing in moisture off the atlantic and that's continuing to move, the bulk it now east of us and north and east but still later on today we have a chance for a passing shower, maybe a little bit of
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drizzle, otherwise a cloudy and cool afternoon with highs only around 60 degrees and a northeast breeze around five to 15. we'll take a look at the rest of the week, improving news on the way. we'll look at the weekend as well. that will be coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you. we're going to check out the roadways. >> good morning. very tough commute for a lot of folks due in part to the weather and just poor driving capabilities. at this hour it's road work that might cost you a little bit of time heading in through southeast. this is a construction project we talked about earlier in the week and last week, pennsylvania avenue through northeast washington. zigzag pattern. couple of blocks of backed up traffic. elsewhere to the interstates we go, had a broken down truck on the inner loop at route 50. that we're told has been cleared. on the beltway, as you sfrafld up to i-66 all travel lanes are
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open. update you on any road work we'relooking for. >> jerry, thank you. eight minutes after 11:00. we're following a developing story from afghanistan. a suicide bomb killed six nato troops and five of them were americans. afghan officials say 12 afghan civilians were also killed and almost 50 injured. the bomber struck during rush hour on a major road in kabul. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. this is the deadliest attack for nato troops in kabul since september. new concerns about the spreading oil slick. tar balls were found on a beach in key west. crews are investigating to see if the oil has gotten into the gulf's loop current. mortar balls have been found across the marsh and louisiana shore line. kristen dahlgren has the latest from treasure island florida. >> reporter: this is an overhead view of what's bringing overwhelming worries.
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that's the sun glinting off the oil slick. it is now stretching south towards the so-called loop current. sort of conveyor belt of currents that carries the oil towards keys, cuba and even up the east coast. >> the satellite picture showing the oil slick entering the loop current opinion some of the latest models bring it south towards the florida straits. >> reporter: tar balls were found near key west even though officials say heavy oil hadn't gotten into the current. >> this spill has not entered the loop current. >> reporter: others they there's a lot we don't see. >> we found layers or i guess you could call them clouds of oil that are well down over 2,000 feet down in the water column. some of them much lower than that. >> reporter: bp is reporting success siphoning some of the oil to the surface.
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>> as we speak we're getting a little over a thousand barrels of oil a day. >> reporter: they could try april top kill or shot of mud and cement to plug it up by the weekend. but in the mean time states like florida and alabama say fears are killing their key tourism. they are using tens of millions from bp to reassure visitors they are open for business. >> nothing on our beaches but sand. >> reporter: hoping that tourists come back as they pray the rest of the oil stays away. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, treasure island, florida. they will drop sensors in the water to track depth and direction to figure out where it's going next. 11 minutes after 11:00. today voters could send a message to washington. coming up we'll have the latest on tough primary elections taking place across the country.
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d.c. leaders heading to sin city. what they say. this trip is not about fun. how they are defending sending more than a dozen people no vegas. did he cheat his way into an ivy league
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some breaking political news this morning. indiana congressman is resigning after having an affair with a staffer. this morning the republican said in a statement provided by his office that he had sinned against god, his wife and family by having a relationship with a part time member of his staff. he won a republican primary on may 4th to be nominated for his ninth term representing northeast indiana. right now voters across the country are headed to the polls. today is primary election day in some areas and anger towards washington could cost several incumbents. arkansas below average lincoln is in a tight race to keep her senate seat against the many democrat with union support. in pennsylvania republican turned democrat arlen specter is barely holding on. >> it's been a tough year for incumbents. >> very volatile electorate and a feeling that washington has let everybody down, republicans
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and democrats alike. >> many challengers say even if they don't win outright today f-they get enough votes for a runoff that alone sends a message. a big endorsement for vincent gray this morning. the afl-cio in washington has thrown its support behind gray. it cites his broadvision and deep community roots. he's challenging incumbent mayor adrian fenty. mayor adrian fenty and several other business leaders are heading to vegas. they say it's for business. they are trying to lure companies to the district. economic officials say the contacts made at the convention there could help attract big money retailers are looking to develop. the city the trip is worth any of the criticism that comes their way. >> the targets, costcos, a
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number of other retailers, madam trusseau coming to the city. >> aides to mayor fenty say he's planning to spend 24 hours in vegas. the trip comes right in the middle of the city's tough budget negotiations. a former hard verdict university student could receive jail time instead of diploma for ripping off the college. police say adam wheeler falsified his transcripts to scam financial aid. investigators say wheeler shouldn't even have gotten into harvard in the first place. they say he lied on his transcripts when he applied claiming he graduated from m.i.t. in fact he had never even gone there. the college began investigating the man after a professor accused him of plagiarizing a paper. tom kierein is they're talk about the weather. any chance of sun? >> not today.
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but by the end of the week we'll get the sunshine back papt this hour we don't have the low clouds racing through our sky. here's the live view from our sky watcher cram. this is an outstanding crisp, here, high-definition view of washington from our camera. you can see those low gray sculpted clouds racing in from the east passengersing over us. right now they are not producing any precipitation. the temperature at ronald reagan washington national airport is 56. we're about two and nird inches below freezing average. over the last number of hours we've seen this rain moving from the southwest to the north and east. the bulk of this rain now is continuing to move into northeastern maryland and is into northern delaware as well. now moving away from the region and we just under these clouds have maybe just a few light sprinkles showing up. the bulk of that steadier rain
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is gone. temperatures are cool. way cooler than average for mid-may. right now it's 56 in washington. just in the mid-50s in prince george's county. montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties mid-50s and that's common all across virginia, maryland, eastern shore now. we're in the cool 50s. here the rainfall totals we've had since this began yesterday morning we have two thirds of an inch and 3/4 of an inch prince george's county. over an inch has fallen in culpeper to charlottesville to shenandoah valley. southern maryland 0.9 inch of rain. sun has been breaking out a little bit over the mountains. they are climbing into throw 60s. over the last 12 hours all of this coming from circulating low pressure from ohio. this low is drifting to our north slowly and pulling the bulk of our precipitation off to the east and raining moderately
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to heavily in new england. there could be flight delays in providence due to that rain. has this disturbance passes to our north we still have chance for some showers all the way into tonight and perhaps just a smaller chance tomorrow as we get into wednesday. so going forward over the next 48 hours here's the future cast in hd showing you the clouds and the potential rain in this area of yellow, moderate to heavy rain up in new england. for us low clouds around, maybe a little patchy drizzle and during the day on wednesday we'll have that disturbance just to our north as a result it will stay cloudy tomorrow and just a small chance of an isolated shower during the afternoon. as we get into thursday, see some breaks in the clouds and nice area of dry high pressure behind that want that will move in for friday. so here's how we're looking for this tuesday. stay cloudy just a smaller chance now of a shower or maybe a little bit of drizzle throughout the rest of the afternoon as highs only reach right around 60 degrees with a northeasterly wind. then overnight tonight there may
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be a passing shower otherwise cloudy, temperatures in the 50s and there may be a little drizzle and fog around tomorrow morning. then during the day on wednesday loobs like we'll stay cloudy and highs should be a bit milder in the upper 60s and there's a very small chance of a passing shower tomorrow. on thursday partly sunny and we should warm in the low 70s and as we get into friday, partly cloudy and high of mid-80s. then a chance of passing shower for saturday and sunday, highs in the 70s. and then monday partly sunny. that's the way it looks right now. can you get that littlest weather information any time you want when the weather channel on cable. that's the way it looks. >> we want to see those clouds moving away off your forecast. >> i'm trying. >> you work on it. see you later. let's head out to the roads. >> you are demanding today, aren't you? >> how does it look out there >> i'll do my best because i
11:22 am
don't want to get on your bad side. good morning. let's see how we're doing. on the bane virginia we'll visit the inner loop as you travel north through an annandale. he beltway by landover both directions looking good. there had been a truck accident at 210. everything is now over to the shoulder. back to you. >> you get an a for that. >> thank you. everything is moving on a rainy day. i'm not done yet. >> i know. we'll see you in a little bit. >> okay. >> it's 22 minutes after 11:00. still ahead on news 4 midday you asked and now we have some answer the dermatologist that was here last week take on your questions on everything from sun protection to birth marks. plus a maryland man says it's like csi. why one. secondo complex is calling on dog owners to submit their pups to dna testing.
11:23 am
at age nine this maryland boy can bench press his own body weight. we'll tell you what he's training for. first here's a look at what's hot on most pet owners would call
11:24 am
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their loved ones ploois but a figure has been attached to the
11:26 am
first family's dog. that amount $1600. according to the president's latest financial disclosure form. a dollar hamilton to be declared because he was a gift from ted kennedy. dog owners you're on notice. be sure to pick up after your dog or you could get busted even if no one is around to see it. residents of one baltimore condo got tired of someone gifts in the hallways. they went hi-tech. they are thinking of using doggie dna sampls to nab the offenders. >> they have another kind of kit that's used to collect the pop, send it off and pop gets analyzed and matched whoever might have done it. >> this dna plan is under consideration. about three dozen dogs live in the building. 11:26 is the time. coming up in the next half hour, the mothers of three americans
11:27 am
being held in iran talk about seeing their loved ones for the first time in months. three were arrested while hiking near the irk/iran border. the mural at a virginia movie theater creating a controversy. a profile of one of the regioness most visible and charitable leaders. for years he's proven to be in the business of making a difference in children's lives. tom kierein is coming back with a warm up, we hope. stay with us. .
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right now, a conspiracy trial surrounding the murder of robert wone continues for a second day. his widow is expected to testify this morning. wone a d.c. attorney was found stabbed to death in 2006. the three men who lived at that home, prosecutors believe misinformed police. two intruders who killed and shot a man in centralvilerville still on the loose after trying to break into a home route 28. that victim was a handyman at the home.
11:31 am
here's a live shot of the oil spill hearing. right now the interior secretary and other federal officials are testifying in the home. lawmakers want to know what the government did or did not do to prevent the oil spill and how they have responded since the oil started leaking last month. there are new developments this morning in the case of three americans detained in iran since last july. this morning their mothers are on their way to see their children for the first time since this happened. the group is accused of spying but their family said they accidentally crossed iniran while hiking and they hope to bring their children home. ann curry has their emotional story. >> you seem hopeful in a way that i've not seen you before. why? >> we have been waiting a long time for this day. >> we are really excited and happy that we're finally going to get to see our kids. >> we have feint compassion of the people and the compassion of
11:32 am
the officials. >> of iran? >> of iran. yes. >> what gives you this faith >> we have faith in humankind. we have to have faith. we have to keep faith for children. we're going there with a mother's love which is the strongest love i can imagine. we're going there with pure hearts. we're going there to bring our children home. our mantra is we want to bring our children back. i want to bring my daughter home. we're just going to keep saying that and saying that. >> so gearing up now for that moment when you walk into the prison and you look for that face. >> i am so eager to see josh. i can't wait to grab him, hold him, kiss him. most wonderful moment in our life is when we see our children when they are born. this far outweighs that. so see shane after this long and to be able to give him my love, it will be tremendous.
11:33 am
>> how far thought about what you're going say to your daughter? >> you know, i don't think it's so much about words, honestly. >> i want theory be able to talk to me as much as she needs to. >> how far been given any guarantees that besides seeing your children you'll be able to speak to anyone in the government? >> no. we really don't know what will happen when we get there. >> if anyone in the government listens to you, what is your message to president mahmoud ahmadinejad? >> to allow our children to come home with us. we think it would be a great act of kindness and the world will be watching. we would be so grateful to have our children come home with us. what would it nene you if you could bring your children home? >> like starting life all over again. it would be like some kind of amazing sort of gift, a rebirth almost for us and for the kids. >> grateful. i mean that's the word i think
11:34 am
of. grateful. very grateful. going to take time get back to normal because normal feels far away. >> that was ann curry reporting. the women have asked for a chance to speak with president mahmoud ahmadinejad. it's still unclear if they will be able to get that opportunity. tom joins us again now to bring us up to speed on our forecast for today and the rest of the week. >> that steady in a -- rain has ended. northeastern maryland, northern delaware, continuing to advance off to north and east. temperatures under the cloud cover in the mid-50s. uniformly from a the mountains to the atlantic beaches, 56 in washington. mid-50s prince george's, arlington, montgomery, fairfax counties. highs today only around 60 by mid-afternoon. smaller chance now of an additional shower or drizzle that may be lingering intoing tonight as well. tomorrow cloudy a bit warmer and
11:35 am
we have a small chance of an additional passing shower tomorrow. then on thursday finally some sunshine returning. partly sunny. highs low 70s. partly cloudy on friday into the up 70s. over the weekend looks like it may be a bit unsettled, passing showers saturday and sunday with highs in the 70s. that's the way it looks. >> we talked about the rain keeping everybody inside but it's really not a bad day to get out. >> now the rain has stopped temporarily anyway. >> thank you. out to the roads we go. hey, jerry. let's head out and update you on what's happening. beltway near landover no worries. we do have an accident just report aed outer loop near route 4. police are on the scene and the truck a accident that we told you about, inner loop at 210 is completely to the shoulder. now things will settle down a bit. 395 northbound sporadic slowdowns to and across the 14th street bridge. don't see any lanes closed. had some activity at the d.c. end of the bridge. couple of a extra minutes headed
11:36 am
for downtown by way of the 14th. our new entertainment complex in fredericksburg a will need a remodeling after several people complained been an outside mural. it depicts a confederate flag alongside an old union flag. the manager said he didn't think the mural was meant to offend anybody. the mural will now roosevelt bridge replaced by a virginia state flag. if you live in montgomery county you can get a better idea today on how much money your public schools will be a receiving in the coming year. the county council is expected to discuss the budget for county schools during its meeting today. this comes a week after the school board cleared the way to sue the council if it continues to cut money from a its budget. the council is scheduled to discuss a proposal to double the current tax on cell phone lines, it will debate a proposed tax on major emitters of carbon dioxide. he may be one of the most
11:37 am
influential people in washington but there's a good chance you've never heard of him. joe robert, a successful businessman who has been a champion for children for decades and he says he's never shied way a from a good fight. >> no one happier with the ali victory than this kid, joe robert growing up in silver a spring, maryland, a fan long before he had enough money to pay for a ticket to see a fight. >> i wanted to become muhammed ali in fourth grade. >> the oldest of five children, joe was always a scrapper. >> my first fight, god i was probably 4 or 5 years old. >> from an early age he felt he had to defend himself and his mother against an abusive father. a trashed box of kid-sized boxing gloves led to a new venture. i got the whole neighborhood, paired them off and put them in
11:38 am
my backward. i thought by virtue of the fact i owned the gloves i would be the best guy out there. this kid whipped up on me like there was no tomorrow. >> by then joe's father was gone most of the time. >> my father left home when we were about in seventh grade. >> making monthly payments to keep her kids in catholic school joe's mother was proud when he graduated from the military academy and went on to st. mary's college. he was kicked out of college for fighting freshman year. so he decided then to fight competitively. he racked up golden glove wins in the ring and the young kids in the gym became his mission. >> i stopped boxing at 22. i started men torg kids in a gym. >> he needed a real job and ended up selling real estate in washington snipe came up with this dwrod buy nonperforming commercial mortgages from regu
11:39 am
lar financial institutions. >> from that he built an empire. we went from zero to 6 1/2 million. he never forgot those kids. violence took lives of two of those kids. it's why he's created fight children, promosting quality education and health care for disadvantaged children in washington. in the last 20 years he's raised more than a billion dollars for over 140 organizations dedicated to helping washington, d.c. kids. including growth for children's hospital. his work has won him fans and friends around the world. they know him as a fighter. he's now fighting for his life after a sudden heartbreaking diagnosis of brain cancer. but doctors are mazed that he is winning week after week. he says this round is in god's hands. >> he's decided that i could produce more here than i can out
11:40 am
there. >> you may have noticed joe roberts shaved his head recently. there were some shots of him bald. not for his own treatment of brain cancer but in solidarity with kids at children's hospital. he challenged his friend to pay him $25 each if he was willing to join the kids in be brave and shave. that challenge raised another $114,000 recently for children's hospital. it is 11:40 now. still ahead we'll take a look at how wall street is reacting to mixed news from the housing market. plus, our dermologyist is back. seal answer your questions on
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allergies? chlor-trimeton. hey, one dose of this, six hour relief. chlor-trimeton relieves itchy, watery eyes and sneezing for 12 full hours with less drowsiness than benadryl. it does all that? chlor-trimeton. less drowsy relief that lasts 12 hours.
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last tuesday we sat down with a dermatologist here in washington to talk about preventing skin cancer. during that segment we asked you to send your questions for the doctor and today the doctor joins us again to answer some of those questions. good have you with us. we have a lot of questions. let's start right out, one person wrote i developed painful acne after giving birth to my 5-week-old daughter. i'm breastfeeding so i'm limited as to the medications i can use.
11:44 am
>> this seems to be big problem with postpartum or after delivery and you have to really be careful with the medications you use. in fact the fda classifies medications a, b, c, d and x. a and b are safe. so those are mainly over-the-counter medications and there's some prescription such as topical and/or al and penicillin. you may get some trace into the breast milk. we recommend noninvasive procedures that kills the bacteria. >> she should consider seeing a dermatologist. >> yes. see her dermatologist. >> if she just waited would they could away? >> a lot of times they will. april lot of these changes resolves after she stops breastfeeding. that may take six months. >> looks like we got a lot of new mothers.
11:45 am
we recent delivered our newborn son on april 14th, 2010. congratulations to the new mother. she says that the baby has a small strawberry birth mark about the size of a grain of rice on the size of his lower eyelid. we're told to speak with a dermatologist or pediatric dermatologist. what do you say about that? >> i agree. in most cases these growth may enlarge in the first year of life. but generally resolve byime the kids go school. 38% of them are usually troublesome in where they may be bleeding, ulceration or may grow over a short period of time of the child's life and those are the ones that we intervene with and then i would suggest seeing a dermatologist for that. but the majority of them will resolve on their own. is that infan tile hemagnoma.
11:46 am
>> do harmful uva and uvb rays past through your windows of your house or vehicle? how long can you keep sunscreen? >> they pass through windows and clouds. the only thing that protects you is a shaded area like a tree or a building sponsorship it does go through your car windows. now i have some sun screens here and this is more voluntary from the companies themselves to put an expiration date on. but there is an expiration date on this product here. and you'll see the majority of them will have them now. so, you can purchase the products and use them up until that date. however, say for instance this one here has 3.4 ounce. the typical body uses one ounce. this shouldn't last very long. people skimp and put it on
11:47 am
lightly. about the size of a golf ball. that's a lot. >> for the whole body. >> should you use two different ones from face to body? >> a lot of people do. we have one here there's a more of a fluid made for oily comp x complextion but some can be oily for those acne prone. >> this is how do seniors tell the difference between age spots and skin cancer and come back with an answer to that and any other questions that folks out there might have that they can send to us at our e-mail address. so thank you very much for coming and we'll see you next week. i'll be back. >> mixed news the housing front. new home construction rising but building permits has a sharp drop. courtney regan joins us with the business headlines. >> reporter: right now stocks are actually a little bit lower. we're kind of make this opposite move of what we did yesterday. we started higher now we're lower. yesterday the dow was about 180
11:48 am
points lower much about it came all the way back plus some. we're fining that investors are still a little concerned over europe's sovereign debt issue. however europe and asia both closing higher. we got some good news from retailers today, walmart earned 88 cents a share for the first quarter. home depot also beat estimates for the first quarter. the consumer price index fell and housing starts jumped. it reached the highest level since october of 2008. the united states treasury will ultimately take a $1.6 billion loss on the $4 billion loan it made to chrysler in 2009. the company paid back $1.9 billion before it filed bankruptcy. taxpayers will lose from loans made to general motors and chrysler.
11:49 am
$1 1.5 trillion calories to be trimmed from products. several companies have pledged to do this following first lady's michelle obama's effort to curb childhood obesity. it will be difficult whether companies are cooperating but still ate step in the right direction. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> negotiations resume today between american airlines and itsing flight attendants union. the airline is trying to avoid a strike. the sticking points remain pay, work hours and benefits. american is also trying to reach deals with its pilots and baggage handler unions. itrying to assure passengers that a strike will not lead to cancelations. time now 11:49. coming up, meet a maryland boy competing to become a world champion interesting weight lifting. and tom kierein will be back
11:50 am
with another check on the forecast. stay with us.
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11:52 am
these days it's hard to tear kids away from the tv but there's one hagerstown boy who can't stay out of the gym. we get introduced ed td to eri
11:53 am
brooks. >> reporter: erin brooks weighs in at 80 pound. but his strength is anything about typical. he can bench press his own body weight. >> don't know how you can bench that much. he still is fine. >> reporter: erin is hoping to break a world record in a competition in new jersey next month. >> the record of '87, i've been benching on the olympic bar daytona four times. that's not the world record. >> reporter: erin has already set the athletic bar high. beating a national champion in wrestling as well. >> i want to see what i can do. >> reporter: john brooks is not only erjanes father but his trainer. the push behind the champ. >> any time which he doesn't want to do something which is never, i remind him how good do you want to be at this? usually you're right i'm ready
11:54 am
to go. >> reporter: not to mention he has some friendly competition. compliments of his older brother. >> i say good job champ. >> reporter: the goal is to bench 100 pounds with confidence. >> he's a little nervous, so i don't think he'll have a problem setting a record. he'll go out there and lift it. it's how much he'll beat it by. >> reporter: beating the competition and a world record. >> erin brooks has racked up 345 wrestling wins since he was 5 years old. he want tubes usc fighter when he grows up. pat lawson muse joins us with a preview of things dome. >> reporter: we're working on several new stories coming up tonight. first, at 4:00, millions of people suffer it from and even
11:55 am
more die from it every single year. but there's a new vane that could cure and prevent diabetes. then at 5:00 today lunch with lindsay and olympic gold medallist apolo ohno. thank you, pat. final check on our forecast. here's tom. >> good morning. we had some steadier rain early on but the rain has dissipated. gray sky over washington. these clouds are not producing any rain now. you see the color in the upper right of your screen, steady rain that advancing away from the region off to north and east and as it does pull away we might have just a little lingering sprinkle or perhaps a little patchy drizzle. otherwise the steady rain is done for the day. the temperatures are certainly much cooler than average for may. we're down in the 50s. it feels more like a detain
11:56 am
march than it does in may. only 56 in washington. the average high this time the year is 76. that's 20 degrees below average. we'll only make to it 60 by mid-afternoon. smaller chance now of additional showers this afternoon or perhaps a little patchy drizzle later on tonight until dawn on wednesday. then tomorrow morning it's going to be quite cool. ought to be down near 50 degrees again tomorrow morning like we were this morning. should be cloudy again tomorrow. highs, though, should be a bit milder upper 60s and smaller chance of passing shower on wednesday. finally a little sunshine breaking out thursday. should be partly sunny after a cloudy start. afternoon highs should climb in the low 70s. on friday even milder, we ought to be up around the average high. make it into the 70s under a partly cloudy on friday. enjoy thursday and friday because it appears over the weekend we may have changes moving in. saturday it looks like it may be a bit wet. we may have a passing shower.
11:57 am
doesn't look like a wash out. don't adjust your weekend plans yet. make it into the 70s saturday and sunday. there's a chance of a passing shower both days on the weekend. then monday partly sunny highs in the 70s. we'll see you tomorrow morning "news4 today" starts bright and early at 4:30. >> this is actually a great day when it's raining to go to the zoo here in washington. i was out there earlier shooting a wednesday's child and the animals are all out. they love the rain. put up your umbrella, get you want own enjoy the weather. not a bad day. >> there are 46 miles of shore line here that now have oil. 19 do have tar balls. a lot of bugs out here this morning. >> the beauty of live television. that's nbc news mark potter trying to report on the oil spill in louisiana. a bug, though, had other ideas. i want decided to make a cameo on "the today show" and flew
11:58 am
right into mark's mouth while he was talk. he stuck to his story being the trooper he is. he did get a lot of ribbing from his colleagues back in new york. what dou do when a bug flies in? fortunately we don't have anywhere right now. that's news 4 midday and inactivity you to tune in for the "daily connection" at 2:00. we have news 4 at 4:00, 5, 6:00 and i'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. we hope you plan to join us. have a great day.
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